Our story

Black Bart Coffee Microroastery was a summer’s creation - we literally came up with this idea at the beach on a sunny afternoon!

So we had to master the art of coffee roasting. We studied, trained hard, endlessly tested our products until finally.. the perfect coffee was achieved!

Our promise is:

  • To keep our standards and quality high, ensure only fair trade is involved, offer top services
  • Φρεσκοψημένος καφές για όλους, εσπρέσσο, φίλτρου, ελληνικός, κάψουλες αλλά και εξοπλισμός. Για λιανική και χονδρική.
  • To never forget there’s always room for improvement. We strive for perfection and we keep aiming at making our products better than before.
  • Finally, we want to ask the world to reconsider the way they think coffee. Instead of just fuelling a habit, why not make every single coffee cup an experience?


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